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Why Shop the Rack?


Gym Rack Apparel offers ready-to-wear designer fitness apparel and accessories for men and women.  We strive to curate active wear that empowers you!


Gym Rack Apparel was established by Marci Cmerek and Janessa Walls in 2017. Our home base is in Lubbock, Texas. 
Marci & Janessa, 2017
Marci and Janessa, 2017 opening 

Business Partners and Best Friends, we work together to provide active wear that supports, uplifts, and empowers our customers to feel good and look good. As active moms, striving to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, our busy lives have us constantly on the go. We noticed it was hard to find affordable, high quality, fashionable apparel to keep up!  Over one of our monthly dinner dates, Gym Rack Apparel was born. We started in 2017 as an online boutique and in 2019 opened a gym boutique at an awesome local gym, Zach's Club West. Our vision is to bring health and wellness to our community and we are excited about the future of Gym Rack Apparel!

We are customer-focused and responsive to needs, balanced with a clear understanding that value and quality guide our decision making.
  • We are dedicated to provide trending, upscale clothing and accessories to men and women
  • We give personalized service to every customer, whether in store, by phone or on the web.
  • We continually educate ourselves to be knowledgeable in the ways of health and fitness.
  • We will provide multiple channels to do business in a secure environment
  • We recognize that change never ceases; it provides us the opportunity to expand our knowledge and better serve our customers
  • We encourage management and staff to demonstrate responsiveness and flexibility in servicing customer needs and solving customer problems.
  • We support open communication at every level of our business processes; operating with an open door policy for both staff and customers.